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We see a lot of people who are interested in dental implants in London. One of the most commonly performed dental procedures in the UK is dental implant treatment.

There are many causes of tooth loss, from accidents to gum disease, age and decay. The absence of one or two teeth can significantly impact on your smile and your confidence and also your ability to eat certain foods.

Dental implant procedures are one solution for people with absent or broken teeth. Conventional methods typically involved bridges and dentures with the drawback that treatment was lengthy and expensive and prone to give rise to complications later.

Dental implant procedures have been revolutionised and the conventional methods that involved removable dentures or bridges are now being superseded by this more advanced and permanent solution to missing teeth.

Dental implants offer an ideal and a permanent solution for absent and broken teeth. Missing teeth can put neighbouring teeth under strain, and can cause irreversible decay of the bone and damage to the gums. This may exacerbate and hasten the loss of neighbouring teeth, unless the missing tooth is replaced quickly. Speedy replacement will ensure minimal bone loss and will better preserve neighbouring teeth.

Your experience with us

  • First, a consultation session in which your teeth are carefully analysed and examined. This includes a complete dental examination, including x-rays of your teeth and gums.

  • A preview of how your teeth will look after treatment.

  • A treatment plan will be made and a customised approach selected.

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