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An Advanced Corrective Orthodontic Treatment

Wimpole Dental is an accredited centre, providing 6 month smiles in London. On average, in just six months this new procedure will straighten your front lower and upper teeth using clear brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires. The duration of this orthodontic procedure varies between patients, and a more accurate forecast of treatment time will be determined based on factors such as the degree of misalignment of your teeth. In your complimentary consultation appointment, your dentist will evaluate the current status of your teeth and provide you with a precise treatment plan.

Who Will Benefit From Six Month Smiles Treatment?

Six Month Smiles can address a variety of dental problems such as rotations, tipping, intrusions and extrusions and compared to alternative treatments in a short period of time. This treatment is considered the most suitable orthodontic option for patients who do not require complex corrective procedures for their occlusion or biting force problems and for those who have cosmetic dental concerns. This treatment effectively tackles less complex dental problems, such as:

  • Inverse smile line

  • Open bites and overbite

  • Overlapping and crowded teeth

  • Dental issues such as spacing and teeth gap (Diastemas)

  • Problems associated with asymmetry and canted midlines

Six Month Smiles Compared To Traditional Metal Brackets

Traditional orthodontic procedures can tackle complex and major bite or malocclusion problems very effectively, but these have longer treatment durations, with treatments taking approximately 2 years to be completed.

In comparison six month smiles braces are designed to improve appearance and comfort, and successfully address cosmetic issues such as alignment and anterior spacing - in a considerably shorter period of time.

The brackets used in both 6 month smiles and traditional treatments have to be bonded to the front surface of your teeth (enamel). This is followed by attachment of these brackets to arch wires. However, this is where the similarities between these treatments end. The six month smiles treatment involves taking an impression of your teeth at your initial appointment, from which your custom-made trays will be made in the laboratory.

These trays are designed to provide much greater comfort and precision, and are similar to teeth whitening trays. Your dentist will effectively position the clear brackets for bonding. The wires and ties used in the procedure will ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, while maintaining the visual appearance of your new smile by matching the colour of your teeth.

What Do Patients Say?

Six month smiles reviews obtained based on patients' experience, indicate that the clear brackets and the use of wires matching the colour of patients' teeth have markedly improved patient experience and comfort. This along with the shorter treatment times and low-movement approach makes it particularly suitable for those who are after fast results.

Your Personalised Experience With Us

Our personalised 6 months smiles procedure is offered with the aim of providing a comfortable and safe way to restore your confidence by giving you your desired smile. This treatment performed by our accredited dentists will straighten the front teeth by using natural-looking components that are hardly visible. The combination of new materials and the latest advancements in orthodontics makes this procedure a very effective and precise solution for those who want straighter teeth.

Six month smiles braces

The custom-made Lucid-Lok™ clear brackets used in this procedure will match the natural colour of your teeth, and will gently move your teeth into symmetrical alignment. The barely visible components used in this treatment, allow patients to go through their corrective treatment with barely noticeable braces. Although, this procedure does not address major bite or malocclusion problems, it is very effective in straightening the front teeth that make that perfect smile.

The see-through braces are designed to work on every tooth to achieve perfect alignment. This eliminates the need for long procedure times. The gentle movement induced by the braces will cause minimal discomfort and offers a more convenient option to many traditional alternatives.

5 Stages To Get Straight Teeth Using Six Month Smiles Braces

Stage 1 - Consultation Session

In your free consultation appointment, your accredited dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and gums, and will determine the overall status of your oral health. The results of initial evaluation along with other parameters such as X-rays and facial photographs will be used to provide you with a view of what the result of your straight teeth treatment will be.

If the results of your oral examination indicate that you may benefit from other treatments, your options will be explained to you to give you the full picture and the choices available to you.

Stage 2 - Custom-made Trays

If your accredited dentist believes that this procedure is the most effective treatment for you, an impression of your lower and upper jaws will be taken. These impressions along with photographs of your teeth and face are sent to the Six month smile laboratory in the United States, where your custom-made trays will be built.

Stage 3 - Fitting

When the braces are ready, they are sent back to our clinic. At your next appointment for straight teeth treatment, your made-to-measure trays and wires will be fitted. Initial short-term discomfort may be felt after the fitting, a result of the pulling force of the braces. This discomfort will ease shortly after the fitting rarely becoming a chronic problem. At the end of the session, your dentist will give you advice and tips to ensure the effectiveness of your treatment, and the maintenance of oral health.

Stage 4 - Check-up Sessions

Depending on the complexity of your treatment, your check-up appointments will be arranged at 4 to 6 weeks intervals. These sessions are appointed to monitor your progress, and for retightening of your braces, if necessary.

Stage 5 - Completion

After completion of treatment, the braces will be removed, and your retention options explained to you. These are aimed at preventing relapses, and are tailored to your lifestyle.

How Long Will The Straight Teeth Treatment Take?

The average treatment time for a complete corrective course is six months. However, in some patients it may only take 4 months and in others 9 months for the treatment to be completed. This will depend on factors such as the current alignment of your teeth, and your personal desired goals. The average, however, is 6 months.

After Care and Recovery

Dental Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Adequate brushing of your teeth and maintenance of good oral hygiene is very important throughout the process. After the braces are in place, your dentist will advise you to brush your teeth at least three times daily. It may be necessary for you to avoid certain foods in order to achieve ultimate results.

  • If you are at work during the day, you are advised to carry your toothbrush with you, and brush your teeth after every meal. Poor cleaning of your teeth may damage the protective enamel layer of your teeth, leading to sub optimal outcomes.

  • Use of mouthwashes and interdental brushes are advised to clean the hard to reach areas underneath the dental arch wires.

  • You are advised to avoid eating sticky foods, as these may become stuck between the braces, and can cause complications such as detachment of braces. Consumption of hard foods, such as boiled sweets, should also be avoided, as these may cause the bond between your teeth and the brackets to break.

  • You are advised to avoid food and drink that are rich in sugar and acid, as these make maintenance of good oral hygiene more difficult.

Your Road To Recovery With Us

Your braces will be retightened at your check-up sessions, if necessary. The fitting and tightening of these braces make cause temporary discomfort which may continue for a few hours. This is due to the tightening force of the arch wires, and is a sign that these wires are performing their corrective purpose. Painkillers administrated by your dentist, should make this discomfort minimal.

After completion of treatment you will be advised to wear removable retainers at night to avoid relapses. Alternatively, you can also choose to wear continuous retainers positioned behind your teeth.

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