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Home and Zoom office teeth whitening

Zoom Home Teeth Whitening  Before After Image

This patient aged 24 had recently completed treatment with clear braces and could not wait to have her teeth whitened. The procedure took only 2 weeks, where she whitened her teeth at home and boosted the result with a 45 minutes session of Zoom office whitening. Both the patient and I were very pleased with the result.

Zoom Home Teeth Whitening

Home Zoom Teeth Whitening Before After Image

This patient aged 38, had always wanted to have her teeth whitened although her previous dentist had told her, that this would not be possible as she had been given antibiotics as a child resulting in dark marks and lines on her teeth. We were able to successfully whiten her teeth by 8 shades and she was so delighted with the result that she decided not to undergo the Zoom whitening session in the surgery.

Full ceramic E-max crowns

Full Ceramic E-Max crawns Before After Image Crown and Bridges Before After Image

This patient aged 68 had been grinding her teeth for many years. Her front teeth were completely worn and the patient admitted "I haven't smiled for a very, very long time." She elected to have 4 full ceramic e-max crowns. The procedure only took 2 weeks, including preparation of her teeth, application of temporary crowns and then finally, cementation of her 4 beautifully fitted crowns. She was extremely pleased with the result.

Upper right front crown and post

Crowns Before After Image

This patient aged 58 had a post supported crown, which had failed on several occasions. His previous dentist had recommended root extraction with an implant or denture. The patient was not keen on any of the suggestions made and wanted to have his own teeth saved. The process took 2 visits. A new post-supported crown was made and fitted. Treatment was completed in January 2007 and the crown is still in place.

Home teeth whitening kit - 2 weeks

home Teeth Whitening Before After Image

This patient aged 27, had always been concerned and self-conscious about his crowded and discoloured teeth, and had considered having his teeth straightened. He opted for 2 weeks home whitening and was so pleased that he decided that he did not need to have his teeth straightened.

Implant placement Upper front right incisor and ZOOM home and office whitening kit.

Zoom Office Whitening Kit Before After image Dental implants Before after Image

This 25-year-old patient had an accident when he was 13, and had been fitted with a Maryland Bridge, which he always hated. It kept coming out and he wanted to have it permanently replaced and have his teeth whitened. The procedure took 4 weeks. He first used the home whitening kit followed by a surgery session. An implant was placed and bone augmentation performed to replace missing bone. His old bridge was re-cemented for a period of 4 months. His new crown then replaced his old Maryland Bridge. The patient was very pleased with the result.

Full mouth rehabilitation raising the bite and 28 full ceramic crowns

Full mouth Rehabilitation Full Mouth Rehabilitation Before After Image

This young lady aged 32 has suffered severely with bruxism and bulimia. Her teeth were nearly all worn and the enamel and dentin fully eroded. Her bite needed to be raised by application of 16 posterior and 12 front crowns. As she said, her mouth was fully ''reborn''.

Four upper front ceramic crowns combined Zoom practice teeth whitening and home kit

Porcelain Crown Before After Image Porcelain Crown Before After

This patient aged 44 with severe diastema and flared, misshapen teeth and had always wanted straighter, whiter teeth with less of a gap between his upper front teeth. He did not want to undergo any orthodontic treatment to straighten his teeth prior to whitening and crown applications. He did not want his middle gap to be completely eradicated, as he said, that the appearance of his teeth was how people knew and recognized him. Home whitening treatment for 2 weeks and one session of Zoom Office whitening were performed. Full ceramic E-max crowns were prepared and fitted within 2 weeks. The patient could not believe what a marked improvement had been achieved within a very short period of time.

Four front upper full ceramic crowns plus Home teeth whitening kit

Full Ceramic Crowns Before After image

This patient aged 34 had received her 4 upper front crowns following a bike accident in her early twenties but had never been happy about the shape or colour match of her smile. She could not change the situation, as she couldn't afford it. She was offered our interest free option for 1 year and could not wait to have her teeth whitened and her old crowns exchanged with 4 full ceramic E-max crowns. The total process took 4 weeks. When she saw her new smile for the first time she wept as after 10 years of wishing, what she had longed for, was finally a reality.

Upper front ceramic bridge

Ceramic Bridges Before After Image

This patient aged 54 had suffered a trauma and was provided with a temporary bridge that she had worn for more than 3 years. Her previous dentist had not recommended a fixed bridge. The process took only 2 visits and she was delighted to have her smile back.

Four upper right front tooth composite filling

Four upper right front tooth composite filling

This patient aged 55 had an accident where a foreign object had caused a front tooth fracture. The patient was devastated and wanted it fixed immediately. The procedure did not take more than 15 minutes and a composite resin material was used to replace the broken corner. A slightly brighter shade was chosen, that would match the whitened shade the patient would achieve at a tooth whitening appointment booked for a few weeks later.

Home and Zoom office whitening

Home and Zoom office whitening Before After Image

This was one of my most successful whitening cases. I was especially pleased as originally the patient did not attend consultation for a whitening treatment. The patient was aged 38 and had been quoted a few thousands pounds by his previous dentist for orthodontic treatment and porcelain veneer work. He had come for a second opinion. I advised him to have power whitening treatment at home and in the surgery, which took 2 weeks. The patient and I were absolutely delighted with the result and the patient decided to postpone his orthodontic treatment. He decided that he was happy with his appearance, did not want any more veneers, and instead managed to take a dream holiday to South America.