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Our dental suite in London is a proud provider of the leading brands in teeth whitening treatments in London, such as Zoom White Speed and Enlighten Whitening. These new procedures offer painless and effective results, considered to be much safer than conventional laser teeth whitening treatments.

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Causes of Discolouration and Teeth Whitening Procedure

The teeth whitening process involves breaking down pigment particles on teeth, which can form as a result of factors such as:

  • Ageing

  • Smoking

  • Coffee, tea, fizzy drinks or red wine.

  • Poor dental hygiene

All these factors can cause discolouration of our teeth, and can dull the whiteness of your smile. The secret to a perfect smile is not just straight teeth, but also a clean white toothed smile.

The teeth whitening procedures we offer here at Wimpole Dental involve applying a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth to remove particles and whiten your teeth usually by several shades.

Enlighten Whitening

Enlighten Whitening

Enlighten whitening is a product that offers rapid and effective results, and is available as both in-clinic and home-kit form. In-clinic treatment at London is carried out by our experienced dentists who will ensure that the soft tissue of your oral cavity is safeguarded, and that results are optimum.

This procedure will only take about one hour and is one of our most requested treatments, coming as it does with a patient guarantee.

Zoom Teeth Whitening


Zoom White Speed is another leading brand in teeth whitening, also designed for both clinic and home use. If you prefer the comfort of your home then the home kit is the ideal solution for you.

The clinic teeth whitening treatment tends to be more effective with earlier visual results. If you want a perfect pearly white smile, both kits can be used in combination. The procedure is performed in 3X15 minute sessions and will provide instant results. You will also be provided with Opalescence gel (either 15% or 10%) to continue the whitening process at home.

Teeth Whitening Treatments and Oral Health

The whitening treatments offered by Wimpole Dental represent leading brands in tooth whitening and are safe especially if you have sensitive teeth. We always prioritise the health of your teeth and will check this thoroughly in consultation, prior to treatment.

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