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Ways to Improve your Smile with 3D Printers

4 Ways to Improve Your Smile with 3D Printers

Your smile is the first thing anyone notices when they meet you for the first-time. If you have crooked, missing or misshapen teeth, this will not only have an impact on your appearance but also hurt your confidence level. According to the studies, people with straighter and whiter teeth are likely to be smarter than ones who do not have proper set of teeth. Visit your private dentist in London if you feel embarrassed to smile due to broken or crooked teeth.


About Dentistry and 3D Printing


With digital 3D printing, the treatment is quite affordable. Earlier, medical 3D printers were costly and they were not used in the hospitals, dental laboratories or dental schools. The latest technology has brought a tremendous change thus, making it easy to form more complicated things.


3D printing actually works by taking a scan of what to reproduce, sending scan to the printer and with biocompatible and specialized material for printing. While a printer produces image with back-and-forth motion, 3D printers develop wider motion—front-to-back, up and down and side-to-side.


Benefits of 3D Printing


Dental work gets completed on-site – Taking impressions of your teeth is quite uncomfortable and definitely a time-consuming process. This is the most suitable way for your dentist to get accurate analysis of the teeth structure. Nowadays, the information is sent to the computer that forms a 3D image. This allows the dentist to examine the details carefully thus, ensuring there aren’t any gaps in between the teeth.


  • Quicker and faster – With intra-oral scanning, you will have a clear view of your mouth condition. It is used for creating the trays to straighten your teeth. Thus, you will spend less time with your dentist and have beautiful smile on your face.
  • Create accurate mock-ups – 3D printing will create accurate replica of your actual teeth. This ensures that the dentist will perform the treatment in a safe and effective way.
  • Invisible braces and retainers – 3D printers offer the trays needed in the record time and they can be replaced easily if lost. You can undergo invisible braces treatment in London under the supervision of experienced and qualified dental surgeons.


Modern dentistry has made it easier and comfortable to get confident and straighter smile. If you are suffering from malocclusion issues, consult with your dentist and get the necessary treatment done on time. You may visit Wimpole Dental where our experienced dental surgeons can help you correct your oral imperfections for the perfect smile.

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