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Steps to remove braces and improve your appearance

5 Steps to Take off Your Braces and Improve Confidence

Most people have to wear braces for a minimum of eighteen months to correct their crooked or crowded teeth problems. After wearing braces for all these months, you will probably feel very excited at the time of getting them removed. When it is the time to get them off, you might even have forgotten how it had been like without wearing them. After the brackets are removed and metal wires are taken out, you will pass through an adjustment phase like it had been when wearing braces for the first time. What can you expect from the Invisalign treatment at Wimpole Dental in London? Go through this blog to know about different steps after you take off your braces.

  1. Separate brackets from your teeth – You need to meet the orthodontist who will bend the base of brackets slightly with pliers by compressing it. This will weaken the glue by holding them properly and then separating the bond. Your dental practitioner might be doing this for each brackets starting from the first, then the top and finally the bottom. Though it should not hurt, you might feel some kind of pressure on your teeth.
  2. Remove the left over glue – Once you remove the brackets, there might be some glue left on the teeth surface. You need to talk to your orthodontist who uses a special instrument for cleaning it. This will require five to ten minutes to remove the glue completely depending on the amount left on the teeth. Although this might not hurt, you may feel some kind of discomfort if you are having sensitive teeth.
  3. Create a retainer mould – Most people need to wear a retainer for at least some time in order to hold the teeth into its new position after removing the invisible braces. Your dental surgeon may suggest wearing a retainer for at least a few years though every patient has a different case. For this, you will need to make a mould so that the retainer adjusts with the new shape of your teeth. Your orthodontist may want to do this either the week before or the week after you remove the braces.
  4. Take care of your teeth after removing braces – After you remove the clear braces aligner, the gum tissue may get slightly inflamed. However, this will subside just after a few days when you brush and floss properly. It is important to practice good dental hygiene to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. The new enamel may be more sensitive at the initial stage and so, you should not start chewing or eating foods that you are advised not to take for the time-being.
  5. Enjoy the new set of teeth – You must have waited for a long time to enjoy the benefits of wearing fixed braces. Finally, you will be able to enjoy the feel of having straighter teeth after getting them removed. This will improve your overall appearance by having the perfect set of teeth and boost your confidence level.

Thus, follow these above-discussed steps after you take off your braces. You may get in touch with your orthodontist in case you face any problem in future.

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