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5 Things You Should Know About Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign braces: What is it?


Invisalign Teen is a revolutionary procedure to straighten your teens’ teeth. It is practically an invisible and restriction-free way, as compared to using the conventional metal wires and braces, to achieve the desired results. It uses a series of transparent, easily removable and customised aligners for the teenager’s teeth. The patient just has to wear these aligners over the teeth. A set of aligners lasts for a span of two weeks and slowly these tools move the teeth to desired positions, helping you achieve a more confident smile.


Invisalign braces: Are they more efficient than the conventional metal variety?


Yes, the modern invisible braces are much more efficient than the conventional metal variety. However, you have to wear it according to the recommendations of your orthodontist, who has received special training in Invisalign treatment. In comparison with the traditional treatment approaches involving metal braces, it delivers expected results much faster. Additionally, Invisalign also cures mild to severe cases of overcrowding, overbite, underbite and gaps in between the teeth. Before everything else, you’ve to ensure that you’re a right candidate for this treatment.


Invisalign vs. Traditional braces: What are the advantages?


There’re lots of overheads with the conventional metal braces. In contrast to that, the invisible braces are easily removable. So you can take it off to brush and floss your teeth after a meal or having a sugary drink. Then you can wear it again, without having to go see your orthodontic expert. Similarly, you can play the flute, the saxophone or any other musical instrument without your braces coming in the way. In short, the Invisalign treatment does not restrict your food and drink habits or affect your hobbies and lifestyle, unlike that of metallic braces.


Metal braces: Are there any emotional concern?


Research has proved most parents underestimate the level to which, teens become self-conscious on wearing the traditional braces. As the metal wires and braces remain widely visible in the mouth, everyone gets to know that a teen is undergoing the treatment of teeth straightening. This self-consciousness about the treatment related to their crooked teeth make them lose their self-confidence. In contrast to this, Invislaign uses discrete braces and clips. Thus, no one gets to know that someone is undergoing the dental cosmetic treatment of teeth straightening.


Invisalign: Who are the ideal candidates?


Invisalign is ideal for just about anyone, whose adult teeth have grown in. However, a specially trained Invisalign specialist needs to check-up a patient to determine the right candidature.  In case, an expert rejects you as the right candidate, you may seek a second opinion. Seeking the second opinion may prove helpful because each affordable Invisalign provider in London has different levels of experience.


As compared to the conventional approach, Invislaign provides results much faster. However, you’ve to wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours every day, during the entire treatment period. Wimpole Dental, located on Wimpole Street is a reliable centre for this treatment. The clinic, under the able guidance of Dr. Mobasseri, has succesfully handled hundreds of such cases, if not more.

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