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Tips to Make Your Invisalign Treatment Successful

5 Amazing Tips to Make Your Invisalign Treatment Successful

Invisible aligners or clear braces are the latest inclusion in orthodontic dentistry. The traditional metal wires and braces stick out prominently in the mouth. This causes inconvenience and embarrassment. On the other hand, custom-made Invisalign braces remain hidden inside the mouth. Also known as discreet aligners, they use the latest dental aligner technology to deliver more well-predicted results in the teeth straightening treatment.

However, as an orthodontic patient, you’re expected to shoulder some responsibility to ensure fast and effective results from these modern teeth straightening braces. A renowned orthodontist in London suggests 5 simple ways to optimise the results of your orthodontic therapy.

  • Keep your aligners on: Make sure to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day. Initially, it may be a little difficult to have them on. But in a short while, you’ll get used to it. Remove the aligners only while you’re eating or drinking something other than plain water. You also need to take off the aligners during brushing and flossing. Wearing the discreet aligners full-time may cut short your overall treatment time.
  • Attachments make a big difference in your treatment result: As a part of your unique treatment plan, the orthodontist may tell you to use buttons or attachments, where tiny dots of special dental bonding material are attached to a few specific teeth. These dots act as anchors and offer your invisible aligners a better grip to stay in the right place. These attachments are usually made according to your teeth colour so that they remain discreet inside your mouth. Avoid the temptation to fight these attachments. Remember, they can contribute and make a big difference in the treatment result.
  • Maintain sound oral hygiene: It is crucial to maintain a sound oral hygiene during your Invisalign treatment. Food particles stuck between the teeth can lead to a plaque build-up, which in turn magnifies the risk of tooth decay. Brush the teeth carefully after every square meal and floss once a day. Avoid eating hard and sticky foods while you’re on the discreet braces treatment. Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Make use of Invisalign aligner chewies: You may feel tiny air gaps in between your teeth and the invisible aligners. These gaps are closed using chewies, which are very tiny, spongy cushions. These are cylindrical in shape and are made from plastic-like material. Chewies come in varieties of flavours and colours. Just bite down on these cushions for 5 to 10 minutes at a time to help your aligner sit better on your teeth.
  • IPR isn’t a bad option: IPR is the shortened form of interproximal reduction. It’s an additional procedure that your orthodontist may suggest you to undergo. If you’ve crowded teeth and the expert feels there’s not much room for your teeth to move to facilitate the desired result of the treatment, he’ll suggest you an IPR. The procedure uses digital scanning and computerised modelling to remove a little amount of enamel from certain teeth to make room for your teeth to move. If you’re suggested to undergo this additional procedure, you can go ahead with it. Enamel removal is done with precision to avoid any unwanted side-effects.

Most importantly, you need to find out a technically sound and experienced orthodontic to undergo the modern teeth straightening treatment. You may click here to get access to a reliable Invisalign treatment provider near you in London.

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