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Common Myths about Invisalign Debunked

7 Common Myths about Invisalign Debunked

Invisalign is a clear aligner that can help in straightening out crooked and uneven teeth. It is fairly a popular treatment and the people all over the UK are readily going for this procedure to straighten out their teeth. If you are considering this treatment then probably the first thing you are probably doing is researching about it on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are many websites that provide wrong and have misleading information.
We have prepared a list of few misconceptions about this procedure that will help to clear out your confusion.

  1. Cleaning aligners are difficult: You have to visit a cosmetic dentistry in London or elsewhere to get your teeth cleaned, in case you are wearing traditional braces. However, it is not the same with clear braces, as they can be removed whenever needed, such as while cleaning teeth or eating.
  2. Used for minor corrections only: With the advancement in technology and science, the working and process of these aligners have changed towards positive direction. Although, there is a huge difference between the working of traditional and clear braces but both can correct the same oral issues. It hardly matters if you have crooked, twisted or gap between your teeth, you can easily get straight teeth with the help of this treatment.
  3. Works better with kids: There is no fixed age group for this treatment. It works just fine with any adult. Moreover, invisible braces are fairly popular among adults due to its transparent nature that makes these aligners undetectable when speaking to anyone face-to-face.
  4. Aligners are stained quickly: You need to follow the complete instructions when using these aligners to avoid stains. Remove the clear braces while eating or drinking as they are designed for it. If there is a slight stain over the aligner, you can use a soft bristled brush for cleaning.
  5. Costlier than traditional braces: Clear braces in London are competitively priced and the cost generally depends on the number of aligners needed. The cost of the treatment varies on many factors like the clinic, the attending dentist and finally the clear braces.
  6. It takes more time to straighten teeth: The length of the time depends upon the condition of the patient. For severe cases, it might take a little longer than traditional braces.
  7. Problem with speech: There are many advantages and disadvantages of invisalign, one such disadvantage been lisp while talking during the initial days after getting clear braces. However, this doesn’t stay for long and the tongue gets accustomed to the trays and speech normalizes within a few days.

Why Invisalign system is an ideal orthodontic treatment?

It is one of the best dental procedures that help you achieve straight and attractive smile. It is clear and gives a natural appearance to your teeth. People can hardly notice the braces you are wearing, even if you are talking to them face-to-face. It is a simple and effective procedure with hardly any side-effects and risks.


Hopefully, this blog will be able to clear your perspective towards clear braces. It is wonderful that helps in straightening teeth and in the process, enhances the aesthetic appeal and boost self-confidence of a person.

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