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Match color of teeth to cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry for Matching with Your Teeth Color

Cosmetic dentistry is the modern form of treatment that can help solve different kinds of oral problems. Earlier, it was found that false teeth were fixed with bridgeworks made of gold. The science of cosmetic dentistry treatments has shown great improvements in the modern world. You can now correct your smile and improve the overall appearance with crowns, prosthetics and veneers. Talk to your cosmetic dentist in London to know which treatment is suitable for you.
One important question people would like to ask their cosmetic dentist is, “Will others be able to notice you have undergone any kind of dental treatment?” People who are close to you will obviously find a difference but your dentist will help you attain the perfect smile with the most suitable treatment. Both shade mapping and color mapping will be done to ensure that people see your beautiful smile and not your teeth.


How does your cosmetic surgeon match the color of teeth?


Dental surgeons use the shade guide to make out the shade of your tooth by sight and then compare it with shades tab. The new shade guide will consist of more information that will make it easy for the laboratories to form prosthetic material. There were other alternate methods used for it.


There are digitalized cameras used in the field of cosmetic dentistry as the technology has gained immense popularity. With the latest software particularly made for this specific task and shade guides, the final shade and color could be predicted in a more accurate way. The technology required the most favorable lighting however, the brightness is often quite difficult to predict.


Cosmetic dentistry is dependent on some great tools which are known as spectrophotometers and colorimeters. These tools enable an experienced cosmetic dentist to know the value for every shade of color of your attractive smile. They also help measure the brightness or lightness of your beautiful smile. Both the color and shade are detected in the most accurate manner thus, enabling your dental surgeon to match any crowns, implants or veneers perfectly. By undergoing cosmetic dentistry, you can straighten, repair, reshape teeth and improve your appearance.


Thus, you can get the most accurate result and correct your dental imperfections by performing safe and effective treatment from a good cosmetic dentist.

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