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cosmetic dentistry vs orthodontics

Cosmetic Dentistry Vs. Orthodontics: Which One Should I Go for?

Technology behind dental treatments is so advanced today, that there is hardly a problem that exists without a comprehensive solution. As such, there are multiple solutions in stead of just one for any oral health-related problem that you can imagine. To make your smile more beautiful and attractive, there’s the teeth whitening therapy. Dental implants can replace your missing teeth and tooth reshaping can help remodel your misshapen molars.


But, dentists in London are suggesting patients to be very selective in choosing the right treatment option for their dental problem. Before selecting a treatment alternative for a particular problem, you need to do sufficient research and understand both the pros and cons involved in the procedure.


Understanding the advantages and disadvantages


For example, our cosmetic dentist at Wimpole Dental in London point out that both braces and veneers help to artificially align smiles, but they work in different ways. Veneers mainly cover up your crooked teeth by using porcelain facades to create a perfect smile within a very short time. It is a part of cosmetic dental treatment. You can drastically change the shape, colour and size of your teeth in this treatment procedure. However, there are flip sides to it as well. Your dentist may have to uproot some of your natural molars to make way for the veneers. This is an irreversible loss and over the years, your gums are likely to recede, making an ever-expanding gap between your veneers and the natural gum line.

The orthodontic approach


It is a general misconception that orthodontic dentistry is just for enhancing one’s smile and appearance. In reality, it can deliver a handful of benefits other than just improving your smile and aesthetics. For example, crooked teeth are indeed challenging to keep clean and plaque-free. You can straighten them through orthodontic dentistry and ensure, they stay strong and healthy even when you grow very old. On the other hand, severely crooked teeth make you prone to severe risk and damage. You can resolve this potential threat by rountinely visiting an orthodontic clinic nearby. Most importantly, this branch of modern dentistry helps you correct the way your jaws and teeth bite upon food and function.


Discreete braces

Ofcourse, orthodontics do not offer fast results, but it certainly provides long-term results with least damage to your natural molars. Thus, experts providing cosmetic dentistry in London prefer patients, who are aware about both the pros and cons of a specific treatment procedure. To make the time-consuming therapies less embarassing and more convenient to patients, orthodontists are now using discreet braces and invisible aligners.


Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening is another popular dental cosmetic treatment. There are two ways to avail this therapy. Either you can visit a dentist for an in-office or in-chair treatment session, or you can ask for the at-home whitening kit. Along with the home kit, you’ll get full and proper instructions on how to use it. All you have to do is pop some gel in the trays before you waer them at night. In the morning, just take out the trays and that’s it.


Considering all the factors discussed above, your choice between orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry should depend upon the understanding the pros and cons involved in the respective treatment procedures.

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