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Cosmetic Dentistry in London

At Wimpole Dental, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments in and around London. Our dental experts provide teeth whitening, 6 months smiles, dental implants, All-on-four Implants, Invisalign, and much more. As people now know the importance of having a beautiful smile and appearance, London cosmetic dentistry has become prevalent and demanding.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry ?

Cosmetic Dentistry is a transformative dental work performed to enhance the appearance of teeth, bite and gums giving you perfect smile and increased self-confidence. Primarily, its main focus is to improve oral aesthetics such as colour, shape, position, alignment, size and overall appearance of teeth.

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry

Our customised cosmetic treatments render several benefits like:

  • Correct variety of aesthetic flaws: Cosmetic dentistry is a versatile dental work which reform and improve several faults that covers tooth stains, misalignment, cracks, chips, smaller teeth, teeth gaps, and many more.

  • Prevent dental damage in future: Cosmetic treatments are meant to improve your appearance, but bonding also strengthens your teeth. This way, our cosmetic dentist in Londonhelps prevent any further risks of tooth damage.

  • Help you look younger: Tooth discoloration and erosion are signs of aging which can be treated easily with a suitable cosmetic dental procedure. By reforming your appearance, it helps you look beautiful and younger.

  • Boost your self-confidence: When you have a healthier, brighter and attractive smile, you will naturally have better confidence. You will no more hesitate to attend social events and office parties, as you look younger and beautiful with an improved personality.

  • Gives better career opportunities: If you are in the field of modelling or acting, your appearance is something of the greatest concern. With a suitable cosmetic treatment you can increase your chances of a better career. With increased self-confidence, you can show up your best leadership and communication skills.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Teeth Whitening: Retain your natural tooth colour and get a shiny and brighter smile to feel proud of. Our team of experienced cosmetic dentists offer latest whitening methods as per your comfort and desire. You can get upto 8 shades lighter tooth colour in just an hour.

6 Month Smiles: It is an effective and faster teeth straightening treatment which works as an alternative to traditional braces. It consists of tooth coloured wires and brackets that help straighten your teeth in an average time of six months. It focuses mainly on the front six teeth displayed when you smile.

Dental Implants: It is a popular treatment of cosmetic dentistry that replaces one or more missing teeth with artificial tooth. This aesthetic process works with artificial tooth implants which look exactly like your natural teeth.

Invisalign: We offer a easier and more comfortable way to straighten your misaligned teeth. Invisalign involves a set of clear aligners fixed on your teeth to move them to the intended direction. It is considered as the most appropriate alternative to traditional metal braces that corrects malocclusion issues such as teeth gaps, misalignment, asymmetrical teeth, tooth protrusion and some more.

All on 4 Dental Implants: It is a system of four dental implants used to replace multiple missing teeth with a single treatment. An implant is a artificial system made up of titanium screw that is fitted in the jawbone as a support for the artificial tooth.

Veneers: This treatment of cosmetic dentistry at Wimpole Street is performed using ultra-thin sheets of porcelain designed by ceramists. These are permanently bonded over your teeth to hide imperfections like teeth gaps, chips and cracks, stains, etc.

Fillings: We can help you replace the old metal fillings with our new natural white ones. It recreates your natural tooth shape using layering technique to copy the original tooth structure and shade

Smile Makeover: Improve your overall appearance with our smile makeover procedure. We use customized cosmetic technique to render you a Hollywood smile as your desired results.

Bonding: It is considered as one of the simplest and most affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment. During this process, our London cosmetic dentist will repair your decayed, broken, discolored or chipped tooth. A tooth-colored, naturally shaped composite material is used to hide your dental imperfections.

How to choose the right cosmetic dentist ?

You must choose a cosmetic dentist very carefully, as it is about your smile, appearance and most importantly oral health and hygiene. Make sure you have a close and deep conversation with the dentist before making the final move. You must decide the areas you want to work upon before and the necessary changes in your appearance. When you visit us for the first time, our cosmetic dental experts will recommend you a suitable process based on your desire and requirements. We have got a team of experienced and skilled dental experts who are well-trained in cosmetic dentistry in Wimpole. We perform cosmetic treatments using the latest technology and equipment to ensure your safety and guaranteed results.

About Your London Family Cosmetic Dentist:

Dr. Mohsen Mobasseri holds expertise in creating attractive smile and fulfilling aesthetic needs of patients thus, giving them a completely new look. With the latest safe and painless methods, our London cosmetic dentist will protect your tooth structure and give you the perfect smile you always desired.

We perform all kinds of dental treatments which covers orthodontic and restorative treatments with utmost care and attention. Our quality service and comfortable environment ensure a pleasing transformation for your beautiful smile and younger look.

How much does cosmetic dentistry cost ?

What you pay for your cosmetic dentistry treatment will be contingent on factors such as:

The amount of work and treatment required and where you choose to have treatment. At Wimpole Dental we pride ourselves on our competitive prices and cutting edge approach to dentistry.

Special Offers Cosmetic Dentistry in London

We understand the importance of your smile and appearance, thus have brought cosmetic dentistry offers especially for you. Cosmetic dentistry £ 350 off on any treatment plan worth more than £3000.

Contact us now for our latest offers and achieve the smile of your dreams.

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