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Invisalign Can fix Your Smiles

Different Kinds of Teeth Problems Invisalign Treatment can Solve

Are you looking to get your teeth straightened without using bands and metal wires? If yes, then you can always choose Invisalign treatment to get them corrected. These are invisible braces that fix various kinds of dental issues, starting from mild cases of having crooked teeth to serious problems like overbite, underbite and malocclusion. It is a fact that Invisalign treatments performed from our cosmetic dentists in London might not be able to adjust all kinds of oral complications but with some customised Invisalign trays, you can fix any of these dental problems.

  • Treat gapped teeth – Gaps in-between the teeth in one area of your mouth or throughout the bite can be caused by a variety of different reasons. One cause might be the growth of abnormal jawbone. Another cause can be tooth loss that may cause your surrounding teeth to move for additional space.

    Gapped teeth might cause gum problems and increase the chances of a potential development of periodontal disease. Your gums might have to depend on protection from your teeth. Having gaps will make your gums even more vulnerable.
  • Treat overcrowded teeth – If there are small jawbones, then there might not be sufficient space for all the teeth to sit comfortably inside your mouth. This can be the reason for overcrowded teeth.

    If left untreated, overcrowded teeth may become severely crooked thus, causing biting problems and make your smile unattractive. Overcrowding will also make it more difficult to clean your teeth properly thus, allowing plaque to accumulate and increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Treat overbite – This usually takes place when the upper teeth bite very far over your lower teeth. Some causes are poor dental habits, overdeveloped bone structure and genetics.

    Overbites can make chewing more difficult thus, causing gum irritation. The abnormal tooth placement might wear down your lower teeth and lead to painful jaw joint problems.
  • Treat underbite – It occurs when your lower front teeth stick out past the upper teeth. It is usually caused due to overdeveloped lower jaw, underdeveloped upper jaw or the combination of both. Missing upper teeth may be the reason for underbite.

    This problem can make it much more difficult to chew properly as it prevents your front teeth and molars from functioning properly. This can cause worn-out teeth and painful jaw joint problems.
  • Treat openbite – In openbite, there is no direct contact with the teeth when the jaw remains completely closed. In such case, your front teeth will not make contact in open bite that occurs due to excessive thumb-sucking or abnormal jaw structure. You may visit an Invisalign clinic in London to get it corrected.

    This dental problem will make chewing more difficult, lead to speech impairment and increase the chance of thermo-mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.
  • Treat crossbite – This occurs when the crooked jaw causes your teeth to align thus, causing one or more upper teeth to make direct contact with the lower teeth. This might take place anywhere in the mouth when there is a crossbite.

    Common problems with crossbites are worn-out teeth, bone loss and gum disease.

Thus, if you are suffering from a dental problem that does not fall under any of these categories, do not shut the door on Invisalign only. Rather, you should visit a reputed dental clinic in London and consult with the dentist to find out if Invisalign is the right treatment for your case.

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