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FAQs of adult orthodontics

FAQs Related to Adult Orthodontics for Your Help

Orthodontics is said to be the branch of dentistry that mainly focuses in correcting jaw irregularities, teeth misalignment and improving aesthetic function of your mouth. This usually means fitting an orthodontic appliance for proper teeth alignment. Do you have any question related to orthodontics? Go through this blog to get your answer in orthodontics treatment.


What is the age limit for this procedure?


There is actually no age limit for braces and patients who are in their 60s and 70s can get this treatment. You need to have strong and healthy teeth to attain success in this procedure.


How discreet are invisible braces?


Invisible braces are used to describe a wide range of invisible braces. These consist of – clear aligners, clear braces and lingual braces that are fitted behind your teeth. While none of them are invisible, they are very discreet.


What are some advantages of adult braces?


Most people who wear braces relate it with straight teeth, but they are yet to know about all its benefits. You may find it difficult to brush your crooked teeth and so, it is better to straighten them. This will make it convenient for you to reach all your teeth surface and give them proper cleaning.


How long will adult orthodontic treatment require?


The treatment time varies from one patient to the other depending on what should be achieved. Mild problems may require only a few months to be treated, while the complicated ones can be more than two years. This kind of treatment usually takes between 12 and 18 months. However, many adults want to make cosmetic improvements to the front teeth that can be attained within a short time.


Can you wear invisible braces if you already have a crown?


Yes, you can move teeth with crowns. At the initial consultation, your orthodontist will check the condition of your teeth to know what is actually possible. If you need to undergo other dental treatments with orthodontic care, it is advised to consult with your dentist to ensure everything is done properly.


How can braces affect your speech?


Some kinds of braces like lingual braces and invisible braces can provide a slight lisp to start with. The problem will get solved within a week. Keep speaking by wearing your braces in and you will soon get back to normal. You are improbably going to have problem with your speech if you choose fixed braces for the front teeth.


Can you whiten teeth after wearing braces?


Yes, you can whiten teeth after orthodontic treatment. It is said to be the finishing touch that adult patients prefer to choose.


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