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Overcome your Crooked Teeth Problem with Invisalign

How Invisalign can help Overcome your Crooked Teeth Problem

If you are amongst those individuals who suffer from crooked or cracked teeth problem, it is time to put on invisible braces. Unfortunately, many people simply hate the idea of wearing metal in the mouth. A better alternative to metal in this regard is invisalign. This kind of orthodontic treatment is suitable for children and adults.


The procedure involves using plastic trays for shifting your teeth. Each tray is being molded in a way that will fit the mouth of an individual. The trays have been made so that your teeth move properly over time.


Benefits of choosing invisalign over other treatments


  • Improve your appearance
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Short time period required
  • Maintain better hygiene
  • No more restrictions on food
  • Boost the level of confidence


How invisalign can help move your teeth


The clear braces are customised for you from the images of your teeth. Your private dentist in London will plan out the treatment plan and aligners will be made in that way.


You will be given a complete set of aligners to wear and change them as instructed by the surgeon. Each aligner will fit perfectly over the teeth and slightly different from the one used before. When changing aligners, the new one will be slightly different from the old one. The reason is that the plastic applies pressure on the teeth so that they move toward proper alignment. This is usually done in small movements.


Only some teeth will move at every stage of the treatment procedure. For example, if you are correcting your front teeth that have overlapped, there should be sufficient space for those teeth in order to shift other ones gently. Once the space is made, the design of aligners will enable to focus on front teeth so that they can shift to their actual position in the most comfortable way. The entire treatment procedure is comfortable as the movements are small and planned precisely.


Cost associated with invisalign as compared to braces


Metal braces are usually inexpensive method of orthodontic treatment, however the cost of invisalign is less than what most people expect. Talk to your insurance provider in London who will pay for a certain part of the treatment.

If you or your child is suffering from crowded, crooked or too much space between the teeth, it is advised to contact your Invisalign provider immediately. The orthodontist will meet you for a consultation and discuss if invisible braces are the right solution for you or your child’s case. Ask about the cost of the treatment to know if it will fit within your estimated budget.


You may visit Wimpole Dental where the dentists will provide the right solution for gapped and misaligned teeth. This will enable you to perform the treatment in a safe and secured way.

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