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Remove Invisalign Attachments

How You Can Remove Invisalign Attachments Easily

Did you break or damage your nails trying to removeyourInvisaligntrays?  Are you feeling irritated that you can’t take them off? If your answer to these questions is yes, then there is no need to worry. Check out some of our expert's advice that will make the Invisalign trays quite easy to remove.


  • Start from the back – It is suggested that you remove the aligners from the back, usually at the tongue side of the dental arch. You will need to lift the aligners off the molars on each side of the mouth and then work towards the front. Some patients want to remove them from one side of the mouth to the other. If you want to go for this approach, be careful so that you don’t apply too much force. This could be the reason for breaking the aligners.
  • Begin from the attachments – You should lift off the simple parts of the tray and leave the tougher sections for last. Thus, if a particular area seems to be difficult to work with, then you can try and approach it from another area until the complete aligner is removed. When you reach out to those areas, try to lift the tray out and over the attachment. Talk to your cosmetic dentist in London in case you find any problem in removing the attachments.
  • Take a paper towel – Some patients have found that using paper towels can increase your grip on your aligner thus, enabling you to hold the aligner firmly and pull the trays off your molars. This might not work out for every patient, particularly if they already have different attachments. However, if you try out this approach, then what will be quite helpful is keeping your mouth dry during the removal process.
  • Use an outie – An outie is actually a removal tool for Invisalign that looks quite similar to a crochet hook. It has been specifically designed to remove the clear braces under the edge of the aligner and help you lift it away from the tooth. They can be very helpful to people who have attachments.
  • Try changing the aligners at night – The new aligners will make you feel tighter. They look similar to wire changes that are performed on patients that wear braces. This is why some patients prefer inserting new aligners before going to sleep. The basis is that your teeth will be adjusted during the night thus, making them easy to remove in the morning. The level of discomfort should be acceptable when you try to sleep. However, if they keep you awake at night, then you might have to reconsider this approach or take a painkiller for the night.
  • Removing aligners will become easy with time – If you want to remove new aligners, then it might be quite challenging. Stay patient while the teeth get adjusted and you will find that the aligner is much easier to remove after a period of time.


Hopefully this blog will help you to attain the tips required when you decide to remove the Invisalign trays on your own. Visit Wimpole Dental to find out more about our Invisalign offers in London.

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