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How You can Treat the Problem of Crossbites

There are two kinds of crossbites and both can lead to TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction), jaw pain and other problems like loose teeth and receding gums. The good news about crossbite is that they can be treated easily. You will find crossbite correction and treatment options that will help you know about few of these options.


About crossbites


Crossbite is irregular relation of one tooth of one arch to opposing teeth of other arch. This usually occurs due to deviation of abnormal tooth or jaw position. In simple words, crossbite takes place when there is misalignment of upper teeth to the lower teeth.
Though crossbites can be hereditary, they can be situational too. If crossbites occur in children it may stem from the permanent teeth that develop before milk teeth falls out. If this takes place the new set of teeth that comes in cannot develop in its place properly which may lead to misalignment problems.


Generally, crossbites take place due to genetical problems. If your parents had biting issues, there are chances that you have got it from them.


Difference between anterior versus posterior crossbites


The two kinds of crossbites are – anterior and posterior. Anterior crossbite takes place when the top front teeth fall behind the lower front teeth at the time of biting. This is quite similar to underbite. On the other hand, posterior crossbite occurs when the upper teeth fall within the lower teeth at one side while biting. Both crossbites can be corrected and the sooner it is done, the better it will be for you.


Crossbite problems


If crossbite is not treated on time, it can be the reason for various health problems ranging from jaw grinding, cosmetic issues, teeth loss, jaw problems and receding gum line.


Some patients even suffer from headaches due to stress and tension due to crossbites. However, there can be additional tensions that occur due to teeth grinding and misalignment. Crossbites can have an effect on the way face and jaw develops of a person in worst cases. Such problems can be solved with suitable treatment options, especially when treated at an early age.


So if you suffer from a crossbite, it is suggested that you fix an appointment with your orthodontist to undergo Invisalign treatment in London. They will detect if you are suffering from crossbite and suggest the right treatment for your case.


How to treat crossbite problem


According to dentists, the right time to correct the problem of crossbite is when you are a child or a teenager. You will also find suitable treatment for the adults, however the earlier you detect the crossbite, the better it will be for you. Most crossbites can be treated by adjusting the teeth or jaw with orthodontic appliances.


As every individual has a different case, the dentist performs thorough examination to know about the right treatment.


  • Maxillary Expander
  • Removable Expander
  • Invisible clear braces
  • Surgery for complicated cases


Most orthodontists use a combined treatment of braces and expanders. The expanders help create the right amount of space in between the teeth so that the bites are aligned properly inside your mouth. However, a removable expander can be prescribed to be worn at night for the adults.

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