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Invisalign Attachments to Solve Your Teeth Problems

With the popularity of Invisalign technology, teeth straightening have become easy, comfortable and convenient. This type of orthodontic treatment helps in correcting bad bites and crooked teeth with a series of invisible braces that are replaced once every two weeks.


Each Invisalign aligners has been designed to fit perfectly according to the mouth size of the person wearing it. They might be tight and even difficult to put in and take out at certain times. This happens as aligners are not created to fit your teeth but shaped to fit alignment of the teeth after each phase.


Invisalign has several benefits over brackets and traditional wires. They can be removed anytime depending on your need. This makes brushing, flossing and keeping the mouth clean and healthy an easy task for you. You may visit a reputed Invisalign clinic to know if you need to undergo this treatment.


Why do you need Invisalign attachments?


Some changes made to the tooth are difficult to complete with removable aligners as their movements won’t take place with clear aligners that pushes the teeth on its own. It might be due to angulation or the shape of teeth that makes it hard for appliance to apply pressure on them. The dentist will place Invisalign attachments on your teeth to get rid of such problems.


An Invisalign attachment is fixed on your tooth by means of composite resin, that can be removed easily by a polishing tool. This will neither cause any pain or do damage to your beautiful teeth. Depending on the location, and the shade of composite bonding used, Invisalign attachments can be more or less obvious.


You will not always need Invisalign attachments for the treatment. Your dentist can tell if any phase of the treatment procedure requires Invisalign attachment placements with Invisalign treatment simulation.


Are they really needed?


Invisalign attachments are placed on your teeth to achieve the most desired result. Attachments are actually less invasive than metal brackets that are bonded on your tooth.


If you are interested in knowing more about Invisalign treatment, its attachments, and where they should be placed, consult with your dentist during the initial consultation. An experienced clear braces provider in London will tell which of your teeth may require attachments.


How can you go for Invisalign treatment?


Invisalign is an important decision which should be considered against other treatment procedures that might be suitable depending on your condition. If you are suffering from severe dental issues, choosing a different treatment might be right for your situation.


Book a consultation with your orthodontist to know if this is the ideal treatment for you. By taking help of an orthodontist, you may know about different treatment options and your personal objectives to evaluate which dental procedure would be best for you.


Different dentists will have their own fees, recommendations and methods of patient interaction. It is important that you go for the one with whom you are most comfortable. If you are ready to straighten your teeth, contact Wimpole Dental today and talk to our experts for a safe and secured Invisalign treatment.

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