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4 Points to Ensure Sound Dental Health

Routine visits to one’s dentist is important to maintain a sound oral health. But, according to oral health experts, based in London, it is no less important to realise the advantage of regular brushing and flossing. Routine check-ups can do very little if you do not maintain proper oral hygiene throughout the year.


Read on to learn about some tried and tested tips to ensure you make the most of it from your next visit onward.


  • Brush teeth the proper way: During your next visit, make it a point to show the expert exactly how you brush your teeth. A live demonstration will help the dentist understand how you’re brushing and how it is affecting your overall dental condition. You need to hold the brush at 45 degree angle to the gum line and apply a smooth, gentle force, moving the brush back and forth. Try to cover all the three surfaces of the teeth while brushing. This prevents plaque build-up, ensuring your teeth and gums are in better shape and health. Regular brushing in the proper way will help you stay away from teeth whitening options to a large extent.
  • Importance of flossing: Flossing is another basic step to ensure sound oral health, but most people just ignore it. Flossing removes plaque build-up in the areas between two successive teeth, where the bristles of a brush cannot reach. However, using the dental floss in the proper way is crucial. There are lots of helpful videos on YouTube that you may watch to learn the right way. You can also ask your dentist for help. Using the floss once every day proves effective in preventing various gum diseases.
  • Know your family’s dental history: As far as an individual’s dental health is concerned, their family history of oral as well as overall health plays a crucial part in it. Armed with this information, your oral healthcare provider can draw a checklist of what to watch out for. History of cancer, heart diseases and gum infections are mostly to be covered in this aspect. This information also helps drawing a customised and effective treatment plan for you.
  • Are you in the habit of teeth grinding: If you’re in the habit of teeth grinding, you must be showing symptoms like teeth decay and gum disease. According to dentists at a renowned dental clinic, stress and anxiety are the major causes behind this oral health problem. However, dental problems like misaligned bite and crooked teeth are also known to lead to the issue. Chronic teeth grinding makes severe impact to your teeth and the gums. As this problem occurs when one is asleep, only a trained oral health practitioner can say for sure, whether one is suffering from the problem or not.


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