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proper invisalign use during the holiday season

Post Holiday Tips from Invisalign

Invisalign braces have been a breath of fresh air to teenage and adult patients, freed from the restrictions of traditional metal braces.  The holiday season has been a challenge for our teeth and the endless rounds of parties and family celebrations might have left us feeling a little less than delighted with our teeth.  For those patients having treatment with Invisalign they have had the chance to enjoy the freedom that wearing Invisalign brings, allowing them to remove the trays when they socialised.  Even when the braces are being worn the clear plastic that they are made from makes them virtually invisible to other people. Not having to worry about breaking a wire is also a big advantage. The removable Invisalign braces also make keeping your teeth and mouth clean so much easier.


Sweet and Sticky Moments


Holiday food and drink can challenge even the best of us and after all that rich food is put away we an be left with a craving for the sweet and sticky.  And all the activity of the holiday season might have made us neglect to make time for the orthodontist. Lucky then that Invisalign does not need a lot of maintenance. But now that the holiday season is over then maybe you should make that appointment!


Invisalign needs to be worn for at least 22 hours a day and that might have been tough to do over holidays. But even if you did slip a bit over the holidays it is important to get back in routine and manage your time, so that your Invisalign braces can do the job they are supposed to!


Back to Normal


Now that the celebrations are over its time to get back to planning your meals and snacks and avoiding constant snacking, and grazing that you might have indulged in over the holiday season.  The aim is to take your Invisalign out less often, while keeping your treatment discreet. Setting aside 20 to 30 minutes for a meal is ideal as well as planning ahead and shortening breakfast and lunch times.


If you want to know about Invisalign with offers then we can help with that too. This will get you back on the straight and narrow after all those holiday foods and get your treatment finished all the sooner.


For more information on Invisalign and tips for your post holiday routines, please contact Wimpole Dental.

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