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Ways to Get Rid of Braces Pain

8 Smart Ways to Get Rid of Braces Pain

The decision to invest in braces is indeed very important that should yield effective results after the treatment is completed. Wearing braces should not make you feel uncomfortable, particularly after adjusting the wires.


Your frequent visits with the orthodontist in every four to six weeks are needed to know about the progress and ensure that the teeth are moving in the targeted position. Your orthodontist may bend, replace or tighten the braces depending on your teeth condition. Read on to know about few ways how you can get rid of braces pain.


  • Cold drinks or ice pack – Ice will melt in the mouth easily and if you feel sore after tightening the braces, apply cold pack to the affected area. Both cold foods and ice packs can help lessen the swelling, inflammation and ease the pain.
  • Gargle with salt water – Sores can develop on the gums and cheeks as they adapt to braces in certain situations. Take salt water to gargle for a minute and lessen the irritation and pain.
  • Eat soft food items – Your teeth and gums will become sensitive on tightening the braces. This may cause pain to eat hard foods. As such, try not to avoid crunchy foods like vegetables and chips. Rather, eat soft foods and drinks like yogurt, smoothies, smashed potatoes and soups. You may continue with the normal food habits once the pain subsides.
  • Massage the gums properly – A thorough massage on the gums with fingers can lessen the pain. If the gums have become swollen, it may help the tissues to relax thus, making the tightened braces comfortable.
  • Use a mouth guard – A mouth guard can help protect soft tissues of the mouth from braces. While it is important to wear them when taking part in any sports or physical activities, they can be beneficial if the brackets or wires area causing discomfort or sores on the cheeks or other mouth parts.
  • Choose teething rings – Though many people consider teething rings are used for babies, they are available in handle when you deal with braces pain. They are very effective on freezing them. Once this is done, put one inside the mouth and chew it in the area that hurts the most. You need to move it to different sore areas till the discomfort and pain subsides.
  • Orthodontic wax – If you are suffering from some kind of pain and irritation on the cheeks, lips or gums due to braces, orthodontic wax may be of great help. The wax is then applied on the metal to lessen the discomfort it causes inside your mouth.
  • Local anesthesia – If you have pain in some areas of your mouth, take local anesthesia. These over-the-counter gels are usually used to lessen the gums of teething babies and ease the pain. This will help them enjoy a sound sleep.
  • Heating pad – You can use a heating pain if there is sudden pain in or around the jaw. In case you do not have one, take a warm washcloth for the same result. You might have to use a heating pad many times to get rid of braces pain.


Though wearing braces may cause discomfort, the pain is temporary. The good news is that you can overcome the discomfort and pain caused by braces.

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