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Tips to solve the problem of braces pain

Some Suggestions to Solve the Problem of Braces Pain

Investing in braces is a big decision that will give you beautiful and healthy smile for life. However, you might face some uneasiness and discomfort after getting the braces wires adjusted along the way. The positive news is that braces pain is temporary and can be treated over time.


You need to go for regular visits with the orthodontist once every four to six weeks throughout the treatment. This will ensure everything going as planned. Your visit to an orthodontist will enable you to adjust wires and check the progress carefully. Adjusting wires is about bending, tightening or replacing them, as and when it is needed. You might need to apply extra pressure on the teeth and gums while adjusting the wires that has caused some discomfort and irritation.


Read on to know about some effective ways to lessen the pain and discomfort with braces.


  • Cold Drinks or Ice Pack: Ice can alleviate the pain like it does for other injured body parts. If your mouth feels sore after new invisible braces retainers, try applying cold compress on the affected area or eat ice cream or cold food. Both cold foods and ice packs can lessen the swelling, pain and inflammation, and ease the discomfort.
  • Mouth Guard: A mouth guard is very effective for protecting the soft tissues of your mouth from braces. You need to wear them while taking part in any physical activities or sports, they may be beneficial if the wires or brackets that cause discomfort or sores on the cheeks or other areas of your mouth.
  • Gargle with Salt Water: You might develop sores on the gums and cheeks as they adapt to the braces in certain cases. Try to swish for only 60 seconds with warm and salty water. This will help you to lessen the irritation and soreness.
  • Heating Pad: If you are suffering from severe pain in or around the jaw, try to use a heating pad and lessen the pain. If you do not have a heat pad, you can have the same effects by using warm washcloth. This is particularly beneficial if you experience intolerable pain and ice or cold food has not been of much help. You may use a heating pad several times in a day to get relief caused from braces pain.


There might be some kind of discomfort after adjusting the braces. While it differs for everyone, some people have difficult time when wearing them than others. However, it is important to know that the discomfort will go away after your mouth adjusts with the braces or wires. Thus, you may visit an Invisalign clinic in London for attractive and healthy smile that will make the discomfort absolutely worthwhile.

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