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Cerezen - safe and effective pain relief for TMJD

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJD) are a group of conditions involving pain in the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles that control jaw movement. Individuals with TMJD may experience a range of symptoms that can drastically decrease quality of life, for example:

  • Throbbing or aching pain in the jaw, face or neck
  • Difficulty or discomfort chewing
  • Ear pain
  • Headaches
  • Teeth grinding
  • Jaw clenching
  • Clicking, locking, or stiff jaw
  • Teeth that don’t fit together comfortably
  • Enlarged facial muscles

Traditional TMJ pain relief

The most traditional treatment for TMJD is a bite splint: a plastic mouthpiece that prevents the upper and lower teeth from meeting. Although splints can reduce TMJ pain, they can also be uncomfortable and cause long term side effects. Splints can also only be worn at night due to their intrusive design.

Cerezen: A better solution to TMJD

Cerezen is a custom-made removable device that fits in the ear canal to reduce the pain and other symptoms of TMJD. They’re easy to insert and remove, featuring small retraction posts. Once inserted in the ear, the devices are very discreet and unnoticeable from the outside. As the Cerezen device is hollow, hearing is unaffected and sound is allowed to travel normally.


Benefits of Cerezen

  • Superior pain relief
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Full hearing
  • Safe with no side effects
  • Virtually invisible
  • Can be worn 24/7


How does it work?

The TMJ and the ear canal are positioned closely together. The shape of the ear canal changes whenever the jaw is opened and closed (e.g. eating, smiling, and talking).

When the jaw is closed, the Cerezen device is significantly larger in its dynamic geometry than the ear canal - at least by 20%. It applies minimal pressure to the walls of the ear canal and the TMJ, which in turn encourages the patient to relax the jaw and surrounding muscles.

What does treatment involve?

Step 1: Your consultation at Wimpole Dental

You will meet with our friendly and experienced dentist to diagnose your TMJD and determine your suitability for Cerezen.

Step 2: We take impressions of your ear canals

To custom-make your Cerezen devices, we will take impressions of your ear canals - this will take roughly twenty minutes.

Step 3: Wearing your Cerezen devices

Approximately two weeks later, you will return to our practice to receive your custom devices. Your dentist will demonstrate just how easy they are to insert and remove.

How long should I wear it for?

You can wear your Cerezen devices 24/7. However, you should remove it for bathing, swimming, and playing contact sports.

Is it right for me?

Anyone suffering from TMJD can benefit from Cerezen. Your dentist will determine your suitability at your consultation.
Are you interested in relieving TMJ pain and discomfort with Cerezen at Wimpole Dental? To book your consultation today, call us on 02073801025, or email us at info@wimpoledental.co.uk.

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