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Tips on Child Orthodontics - Invisalign Specialist

Tips on Child Orthodontics from an Invisalign Specialist

Steady improvement of technology has allowed modern orthodontic treatments come up a long, long way. As a result, the number of such treatments has increased rapidly. In this circumstance, adolescent braces have become a craze across the UK. If you’re planning the teeth straightening braces for your children, go through the following paragraphs. This blogpost discusses many crucial factors related to adolescent braces.


The reason children need braces


It is natural for a child to lose their baby teeth. As the permanent set of teeth erupts, you take a close look at the teeth alignment under formation. If the teeth seem to be crowded, protruding, misaligned or misplaced, chances are high that the youngster will require braces in a short time span.


Most people think braces are only for cosmetic dentistry to facilitate smile improvement. This is a misconception and must be corrected. Braces – apart from smile improvement – cater to the health aspect as well. Straightened teeth allow a child to bite and chew food more effectively. Such teeth are also easier to brush and floss. In addition to the facts mentioned above, aesthetic appeal of long, slender and straightened teeth can’t be denied anyway. It is relevant to mention here that crooked teeth put tremendous pressure on the gums. In course of time this may lead to serious oral health problems including periodontal diseases.


Determining when to give your child the braces


The experts suggest that every kid should have his or her first orthodontic assessment at the age 7. By this age, they usually have enough permanent teeth to assess whether orthodontic treatment will be needed down the timeline. It is also at this age problems like overbite, underbite, overcrowding usually start to emerge.


As far as orthodontic treatments are concerned, early intervention proves beneficial in most cases. Our teeth and the gums keep growing till the age 10. If the right treatment starts by this age, the chances of correcting the problems are much greater.   For a narrow jaw problem, your child may be prescribed a palatal expander to broaden the upper jaw. It is seen that children, who receive orthodontic treatments early, often require a second round of braces in their teens when all their permanent teeth have erupted.


Early orthodontic treatment benefits


If your child has an entire set of crooked teeth, take him or her for an orthodontic appointment immediately. In such cases, a child is given braces as early as the age 8. In course of time as a child keeps growing, his or her teeth and the jaws become increasingly rigid. Thus, to secure successful results, you need to start your children’s orthodontic treatments as early as possible.


According to an invisalign specialist in London, it is crucial for a child to be on retainers right after the phase with the braces get over. This ensures the teeth don’t shift back to their original, crooked positions once again.

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