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Tips to Make Your Invisalign Even More Successful

7 Tips to Make Your Invisalign Treatment Even More Successful

Traditionally, orthodontic dentistry has relied on metallic wires and braces to ensure teeth straightening. This treatment procedure has a major flip side. The metal wires and braces prominently stick out from one’s mouth. This causes severe embarrassment both in personal and social situations. Thus, an increasing number of both adults and youngsters are walking away from the conventional teeth straightening treatment, says a top-notch dentist in London.


Invisalign is the latest technology in orthodontic dentistry for teeth straightening. It is faster, more convenient and offers less of a painful experience for both teens and adults. Moreover, it is highly predictable as far as treatment results are concerned. Above everything else, invisalign braces cost no higher than the traditional metal wires and braces. Unlike the conventional treatment approach, invisalign doesn’t restrict your diet during the treatment period. The plastic aligners used in the treatment can be easily taken out and worn back again.


So, with invisalign you can easily brush and floss your teeth every day and eat and drink your favourite foods and drinks as well. While eating or drinking, just take out the aligner from the teeth and slip it back again once you’re done. In contrast to the traditional braces, you can easily maintain sound oral hygiene with the Invisalign aligners


Here’re some tried and tested tips to help you speed up the treatment procedure with Invisalign.

  • Don’t skip flossing even for a day: While you’re on Invisalign, it is crucial that you floss the teeth every day. One of the best invisalign dentists in London says the aligners hold back a lot of your food residue. Flossing is the best way to clean up those dark areas in between two adjacent teeth where normal brushing don’t work.
  • Remember the 48 hour restriction: During the first 48 hours or the first two days of each aligner tray, make sure to wear it as much as possible. Orthodontic experts usually recommend to take out the aligners only during brushing and then slip them back in place immediately. It is better to maintain this recommendation if you want faster results.
  • Wear your braces at least 22 hours a day: Invisalign braces are only effective in delivering your expected results only when you wear them at least 22 hours a day on regular basis. You just can’t afford to ignore this fact.
  • Timely change the aligners in the right order: Usually, an aligner set is assigned for two consecutive weeks. When it’s time to change the aligners, just change it. If your orthodontic expert asks you to keep using an aligner a few more days, just follow the instructions. You must change your aligners in the correct order to facilitate the predicted results.
  • Don’t be afraid of your invisalign attachments: These attachments are also called buttons and they’re meant to speed up your treatment outcome. Don’t be afraid of these tiny facilitators, especially if you want the results faster.
  • Talking with a lisp: Initially, when you wear your aligners for the first time, you will talk with a lisp. Just ignore this inconvenience as it will go away automatically in a few days.  
  • Take proper care of your aligners: You must clean your Invisalign trays routinely once a week. Use warm water and any antibacterial soap. Avoid using toothpaste for cleaning it, as toothpaste has abrasive elements that may scratch your tray. These scratches offer the perfect breeding ground for the harmful bacteria.

In this upcoming festive season, great offers on invisalign are going to pour down from all sides. Be prepared to grab the one that suits you the best.

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