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5 Tips to Separate Facts from Fiction Regarding Your Smile and Oral Health

These days, modern dentistry has improved a lot not only in keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strong but also in improving your smile and appearance. Most importantly, unlike that in the past, oral health treatments have become much painless. But, a prominent oral healthcare expert in London suggests, there’s a lot of misinformation centring surrounding this range of treatments. It’s high time to separate the facts from myths.


Your natural, healthy smile is more crucial than that perfect smile

Teeth straightening is exceptionally popular in the present-day society. Do you know, it is our smile that makes each one of us unique? On the other hand, if everyone is going to have that same, cookie-cutter smile, how would that be? Thus, remember that your natural, healthy smile is more important and precious than artificially improved smile.

The most important dental work you perform at home

To maintain your natural and beautiful smile, all you need to do is maintain a great oral hygiene. Use a soft-bristled tooth brush to clean your teeth twice daily. Brush for about 2 minutes every time, holding the tool at 45 degrees to your jawline and applying a mild, gentle pressure. Use the floss at least once every day. This effort will prevent build-up of plaque in your mouth. Better start believing the truth. Regular brushing and flossing along with routine oral health check-ups are sufficient to keep your smile in shape.

Properly aligned teeth are more important than perfectly straight teeth

A Wimpole Street dentist keeps repeating it to his patients. Orthodontic treatments make your teeth appear straight and evenly spaced. But the important factor here is to have your teeth properly aligned. You rather need orthodontic therapies more strongly, if you’ve difficulty in chewing food or in the habit of biting your lips or cheek. Orthodontic treatments are also ideal for cases like overcrowded or extra-spaced teeth, clenching or grinding problems, chronic headaches and others.

Do not over-whitening your teeth

White, shiny teeth definitely look good. But, too much of shine and whiteness in your teeth is bad. Too much of teeth whitening will damage your teeth, resulting in conditions like the following:

  • High sensitivity and
  • Gum irritation

In addition to that, the strong chemicals in the whitening products will burn away your soft tissues in the mouth. It may even wear away the enamel covering protecting your teeth, making them more prone to decay and diseases.

Keep gum diseases at bay

Many adults suffer from different gum diseases every year. You never know, when you may experience some tenderness and bleeding from your gums. Thus, competent dentists will always poke your gum line during your routine dental checkups. As such, proper and regular brushing helps avoiding gum diseases to a large extent. Even a wide range of modern cosmetic dentistry treatments, like Invisalign, oral implants, teeth whitening, veneers, bridges and others require a patient must have sound, healthy gums. Meet our Invisalign provider in London for more information to keep your gums healthy and strong.

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