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ways to get off your braces sooner

3 Ways to Get off Your Braces Sooner

People wearing braces have a major concern regarding the time period of their orthodontic treatment. The very first question they ask the orthodontist is, “How soon can I get off my braces?”.  It is understood that having a mouth full of metal and wires is quite uncomfortable. A normal orthodontic treatment takes a few months or years to straighten the misaligned and crooked teeth. Although, there are several developed and comfortable ways used by the reputed oral clinics in London, the urge to complete the treatment process is still the same. You can make the process a little simpler and faster by making some efforts from your end. Read on to know some of these effective ways.

1. Be cautious of your daily diet

You need to watch your eating habits all through the treatment procedure. When on braces, you must adapt some good eating habits, such as:

  • Keep away from carbonated sodas and drinks, as they can affect the movement of your tooth.
  • Avoid consuming foods with high sugar such as sticky candies, gummies, chocolate and caramels. They stick to the wires and brackets and results in oral problems. If you think your child couldn’t abide by this, you can try a faster and comfortable orthodontic treatment. Kids enjoy invisalign braces and it can be an effective therapy for them.
  • Spend some time chopping hard foods before consumption. Raw fruits and vegetables must be chopped well including meat and crunchy breads. Chew food slowly and take small bites , as it eases out the pain while biting. 

2. Take proper care of your braces

The treatment does not only demand caring for your tooth, rather your braces are also to be taken proper care of. If in any situation, your bracket or wires gets damaged, it will ultimately increase the treatment time.

To fasten this process and get off your braces sooner, you need to take proper care of your braces, teeth and mouth. Remember to brush your teeth well regularly using a soft bristle toothbrush. Brush with slow circular motions for at least a minimum of two minutes. Also adapt a habit of daily flossing to clean in between your teeth. This helps you have healthy teeth and gums keeping away the chances of oral problems eventually moving your teeth faster.

3. Prefer quick treatment

In spite of going for the lengthy treatment procedure of traditional braces, you can opt for an easier and faster treatment at a renowned oral centre. Wimpole Dental, a professional invisalign provider in London renders the treatment to the seeking patients with satisfied results. It is an highly effective orthodontic therapy that helps you maintain dental health and hygiene.


To sum up, a person who is on braces needs to be very careful about his/her oral health all through the process. If you want to have clear aligners for better comfort, you can visit Wimpole Dental for special offers on Invisalign in London.

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